Name: Lothorien

Gender: Male

Parents/ Affinity: Unknown

Mate: Flit

Circle: Bleeding Hearts

Special Stats: None



Even though you may not see it Lothorien has a heart of gold, having been hurt before he puts up a tough front and shy's away from letting others get to know him. When he gets warmed up and decides to trust you, you find he has a heart of gold and his family means everything to him, but thats if he will let you see the true him. He has spent the last few years helping build the new realm and getting the other Serians organized and finding their purpose. He has been unofficially hailed the leader of their group and has been doing everything in his power to stay true to himself and others. He mainly wanders the realm checking on others and making sure everything is in order but when he rests he resides in the heart of the land with their bonded, Keira.