Name: Starlight

Gender: Female

Mate: Crash

Altar: Artic Winds

Special Stats: None

Circle: None


 Starlight is a fun loving and playful serian. Although she lost her best friend and felt completely betrayed she is trying to stay positive and make the most of things and it seems to be working out for her, with a new bonded and a mate she is hopefull that life will turn around. She has found an ever faithful friend and companion in Faith, and their souls seemed to speak to each other as they both tried to heal their wounded souls. This connection deepened as they helped build their new Realm and now, while they aren't romantic with each other, they have committed to each other in a wholesome and pure way. A way, they have vowed to now let another come between them no matter what. They have both vowed to live a life a dedicated to maintaining their Realm and the Serians that reside there. Care takers and pure of heart till the very end.