Name: Zara

Gender: Female

Parents: Lothorien X Flit

Special Stats: Wings

Circle: None


Zara is the daughter of Lothorien, she is very playful and upbeat. She has been enjoying roaming the lands and learning all there is to learn. While she was too young to help much during the forming of the new Realm she enjoyed doing as much as she could to help her father. At one point during the construction she decided to go visit Sionayra and see what her birthplace was like. While there she had a very unpleasant experience that left her slightly bitter and while still herself, the playfulness has been tinged with sarcasm and her normal upbeat attitude can take on sharp edges. As of now she has vowed not to return to Sionayra and has contented herself to helping her father care for the land and its occupants. When she wishes to be alone you can usually find her along the edge of the forest that abuts the lands largest lake.